18 December 2006

Nuclear Deal With America: A Clear Loss

USA is a Banyan tree: nothing grrows under it. The deal will scutle Indias defence capabilities and eat away independent foreign policy. It is really strage why Manmohan Singh is after this deal. He has gone as far as misleading people by issuing ambigious statements. His promise to the parliament seems to be lost.



  1. Congress Govt at isn't thinking in national interest at all. Mr. Manmohan Singh isn't using his brains at all too, I don't know why is he so disparate to sign the bill. Especially when the leading nuclear scientists and technocrats are opposing the bill.

  2. I agree with first sentence .
    US is a banyan tree. So we are secured from scorching sun and thunderbolts..

  3. Ye guys you are right. Ask Arundhathi Roy she will tell you we are right wing guys.


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