A Tribute To Dr Rajkumar

Dear Tom,
Your comments are not justified.
First of all, personally he was a very good man. He was an example to the youth. His movies had a positive effect and carried messages. Although I do not vouch for the politics of fanaticism, I must point out your Ganesh Rao`s case is a classic *Reverse Bias* case.

His 3 sons acted not because of him but because of his wife who is a producer. Though other two sons are not very good actors, Shivraj Kumar is an actor in his own right. Watch Aum directed by Upendra, where he acted as a central character.

Rajkumar practiced Yoga everyday and very few know that he was a Yoga Master.He participated in Kannada Gokak Movement. He refused the post of a minister and refused to get into politics unlike MGR and NTR. Though his family members were not impressive he is known for infinite humility.

In the acting front, he was one of the remarkable figures in India. You must know the First National Award For Best Acting was conferred him in 1967 not to MGR or NTR! Number of Filmfare awards he received is only next to Kamalahasan(18). He got 10 Filmfare awards for best acting. He is probably only personality to get award of Best actor and Best Singer. He got the Best Singer National award. Dadasaheb Palke award the heighest award for contribution was given in 1996. Amitabacchan is yet to get get! His contribution to stage art is remarkable. He was from Gubbi Veeranna Nataka Company. The cosmopolitan culture or the south bashing attitude can in no way diminish his credibility. He was a man in his own right.

Many people do not know that he was awarded Kentucky Colonel Award (USA). The award conferred to people like Winston Churchill. The governor of the state of Kentucky flew to Bangalore to present the award. He was awarded the Padmaboshan by Gov of India. This link gives more details http://www.chitraranga.com/EN/RAJ/raj_milestones_film.asp

Every white dog has a block mark somewhere. Every public figure is criticised. But this was a case of a poor boy a dropout from the school. Mysore University confferred Doctrate upon him, rightfully. He was picked up from a bus stop while he was waiting for a bus, to act for Bedara Kannappa (Kannappa of Hunter Clan). His support for poor is also well known and as infamous is his wife’s Cinema Mafia. He was a good man. My sense of history and Mythology has been strengthened by his movies.

India lost a statesman with his demise. I am saddened by his death.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more on this.. jai Dr.Raj.. we love him n his spirit...


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