29 August 2008

Jane Kyon Log Pyaar kar te hain?

I do not know; ask those in love. I only care for the Hindi song. This song starts with a nice Didgeridoo play. A nice mixture of Didgeridoo compositions in the middle makes it nicer.

Listen here: Didgeridoo

It is an Australian instrument I have been told. I do not agree!:) PVC pipes can do the job. Try it. I did when I was a kid. Try 1/2 inch PVC pipes. They are very easy to play :) Much easier than Didgeridoo. You need a special/extra lung to play it. Much harder than playing Shanka (Conch). If you are used to playing Conch cotinuosly without break (turning the breath-usiru tirugisuvudu!) that wont work on Didgeridoo.

I am going to fix it nexttime I get hold of it. Needs practice I guess. Thanks to Amanda and Fred of Saskatoon.

27 August 2008

Why is 7 prime?

In other words, why is prime prime? Some magical thoughts will follow.

Let us consider 8. 8 has two factors: 4x2=8. Why is 4x2 = 8? This is not a question in Formal Systems. I consider and agree the system is fine and think why only these factors.

Why does group of four in group of two make a group of eight? What does group of four mean?

will continue....

11 August 2008


It was an utter flop. I however made a come back in a monoact ayear later. I had written a play based on a story that I heard on radio. I gathered three enthusiasts to act in it. Planned the dialog. Borrowed a cracker pistol from a friend. Used the coat that my uncle had brought. After a swift practice under a Banyan tree, we were on stage to perform a short play of our own. We sucked. No one new what the plot was. The plot was simplistic, acting lame.

A year later, I was able to come up with a monoact. I based it on the Jamakhandi Drama Company famous drama: Tipu Sultan. A quick and lonely practice behind the school was enough. Meer Sadhak, was played by then famous Vinoda Vidhyanidhi Mudugodu Shantkumar. I had seen Shantajja in Mudugodu, my mother's village. He also participated in Yakshagana. I still remember his Shoorpanakhi and his famous dialog "Hoosuvasane!". My grandfather played a meer Brahmana in the Seetaapahaara prasanga. This prasanga I recall has an amazing padya and lyrics: "NOdi nirmala jala sameepadi maadi kondaru parNashaaleya.."

I had plagiarised Shantajja's dialogs from the original drama generously in what I now call, "my monoact". The monoacting was OK for a 13 year old. We had another play the same night. I played a politician's role. A role that had lot of dialogs ,72 if I am right. Rajappa mestru took a lot of interest and also wrote a song specially to enhance the drama. That was my first and last drama.

Or so I thought, until a while ago! I now play the leading role in one of the biggest and most important dramas: my life! Hail nature! I have gifted senses. I can smell the plot easily. I was at the receiving end today in my life's drama. They were setting me up. Or so they thought! I can smell the fart of their previous life, godamn it. You still dont believe life is a drama? Look at these dialogs. I asked the girl at the Physical Activity Complex if the squash courts were free. She was about to hand us two rackets but I asked her, "Do you have balls?". She replied promptly, "you have to bring your own! ". Have a nice day.

Business Cycles

Lehman Brothers goes bankrupt with a debt of $68 bn. Merrill Lynch is under trouble and was bought over by Bank of America to save it from going under. AIG, the worlds largest insurance company went to the fed for funding. The crisis arrives to North America. The head of the Bundesbank Germany said this is the biggest crisis he has ever seen. Watch him below.
Will a depression follow? If I have to believe the book by Wesley Clair Mitchell, an economist (last edition 1960), yes all crises of this magnitude were folowed by depression in history without any exception! Many lost job in the US and also in UK. The story I read in the news is like a replay of what the book "Business Cycles" described about economic crisis. A while ago I thought it was another theoretical crap. No. The author is a wise man; book is written after a thorough research.
The problem is not just in US and UK. The French president has been complaining about inaction by the central bank of Europe. Canadian prime minister said yesterday that there are no chances of a depression (he is not an economist and he wants to win the election that is scheduled)! The central bank of Canada website anounced that it will help the US financial system to hold on by provising funding. There is a news that big bankers including citi group have come together to improve liquidity.
If the US, UK, Canada and some Europian economies go down, Indian economy will head south. There is a talk of IT down sizing in India. 1200 employees working for Lehman's BPO office close to Mumbai have lost job. We all might have to look for another job may be within a year! Who knows?

10 August 2008


40 beats per minute is called Largo. Anything below 40 upto 20 bpm is called Larghissimo (as slow as possible). Hindustani Vilambit (Delayed/Slow) lay (tempo) is almost similar.

Metronome is a very useful tool to practice Tabla. But it is designed for western metres (regular). My BlahBlah tool will be out shortly alowing rhythamic composition in irregular beats and in Indian rhythm patterns. How about a language for rhythms? Let us see. By the way, Swarmala sucks and one has to pay for RiyazStudio :)

The Valley and the Rain

09 August 2008

Monsoon in Toronto (ನೈರುತ್ಯ ಮಾರುತಗಳು)!

Monsoon starts in Toronto from today! It is a repeate of Sahyadri rains. Amazing day. Do not believe me? Look at these flowers. Thats alright. But need to find someone to give it to!

04 August 2008

The Melody in Mind

Are you a bathroom singer? You are I bet, a singer somewhere, if not in bathroom. How does it sound? Naive question, you might think. No. Apart from the acustics of bathroom, the most melodious voice of yours and it sounding amazing all the time, something else lies in the midst. Humming follows a melody that floats in mind. The modulations, envolopes, and style, when nothing is being sung but only thought is the melody in mind.

What about it? It is far superior to what our vocal chords can produce. and obviously more joyful than listening even to a favourite song. So what? So music, my friend, need not always be associated with SOUND! Sound can be part of music but not a necessary part.

Same is true with rhythms. We can play drum in the head better than our hands can ever play. But the fun is not any less. How about a concert of minds? Let me know if you are interested!

03 August 2008

Oh My Friends and Patrons

I have moved from Saskatoon to Toronto. I have a job now. As usual I write programs, repair them, test them. THANK YOU for supporting me. I have lost count of number of people I have approached. THANK YOU. Your support is valuable. This is my official intimation about my status. Treat this as an exclusive email. If you think I can be of some use drag me in to it. I will be more than happy.

Feel free to make me pay for a Kaapi if you are around!

02 August 2008

Weed Flowers

Not wild, weed flowers! I have a lot of things to talk about these flowers that deffered my breakfast by hours this morning. While the Lahori Halwa sucked Poori was great. Some one needs to tell (it would not be me!) sheffs in North Indian restaurants that I can go buy half a leatre of cooking oil and drink it if I ever need oil. But when I like eating Chana Masala, I just want Chana Masala, not swimming Chana in an oil pool.

On my bicycle trip this morning some radom part of my head just pulled me to a road that would not take me to restaurant! It lead me by the Goalf Club (ha ha I knew there was one there). I found these intersting flowers by the sidewalk. Look at them awesome flowers. Tell me if you notice something. I will have my own thing to say about them.