29 August 2008

Jane Kyon Log Pyaar kar te hain?

I do not know; ask those in love. I only care for the Hindi song. This song starts with a nice Didgeridoo play. A nice mixture of Didgeridoo compositions in the middle makes it nicer.

Listen here: Didgeridoo

It is an Australian instrument I have been told. I do not agree!:) PVC pipes can do the job. Try it. I did when I was a kid. Try 1/2 inch PVC pipes. They are very easy to play :) Much easier than Didgeridoo. You need a special/extra lung to play it. Much harder than playing Shanka (Conch). If you are used to playing Conch cotinuosly without break (turning the breath-usiru tirugisuvudu!) that wont work on Didgeridoo.

I am going to fix it nexttime I get hold of it. Needs practice I guess. Thanks to Amanda and Fred of Saskatoon.

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