10 August 2008


40 beats per minute is called Largo. Anything below 40 upto 20 bpm is called Larghissimo (as slow as possible). Hindustani Vilambit (Delayed/Slow) lay (tempo) is almost similar.

Metronome is a very useful tool to practice Tabla. But it is designed for western metres (regular). My BlahBlah tool will be out shortly alowing rhythamic composition in irregular beats and in Indian rhythm patterns. How about a language for rhythms? Let us see. By the way, Swarmala sucks and one has to pay for RiyazStudio :)


  1. Nice to see some list of musical techniques. Did you know metronome is also by speech language pathologist for treating stuttering/stammering. A good therapy technique, and patient shows lots of prognosis.

  2. Oh I did not know. What is it? How is this metronome treatment carried out?


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