Monsoon in Toronto (ನೈರುತ್ಯ ಮಾರುತಗಳು)!

Monsoon starts in Toronto from today! It is a repeate of Sahyadri rains. Amazing day. Do not believe me? Look at these flowers. Thats alright. But need to find someone to give it to!


  1. Was the flower shot in Toronto. Lovely one. Did not know monsoon was so nice there.

  2. I was only making fun of rain here :). It is not called Monsoon. The summer this years it seems has tranformed itself into rainy season . It received the highest rain since 1980.

  3. yaava hoovu yaara mudigo.. yaara kaata yaara baaligoo .. anta yaaro yaavaglo helillva..hange adyaaro baro tanka salpa tadko!


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