Weed Flowers

Not wild, weed flowers! I have a lot of things to talk about these flowers that deffered my breakfast by hours this morning. While the Lahori Halwa sucked Poori was great. Some one needs to tell (it would not be me!) sheffs in North Indian restaurants that I can go buy half a leatre of cooking oil and drink it if I ever need oil. But when I like eating Chana Masala, I just want Chana Masala, not swimming Chana in an oil pool.

On my bicycle trip this morning some radom part of my head just pulled me to a road that would not take me to restaurant! It lead me by the Goalf Club (ha ha I knew there was one there). I found these intersting flowers by the sidewalk. Look at them awesome flowers. Tell me if you notice something. I will have my own thing to say about them.


  1. pretty flowers there...
    must be interesting subject for someone who wants to see the world through the eyes of mathe and wonder!!

  2. Working on itactually! Will present the result here!

  3. The flower branching mode are actually fractals?

  4. Deepti,
    why? why? why? why is it so?

  5. eh?! first tell me is that what you were thinking gunda?

  6. yes gundi! why would i zoom in on the back of the flower otherwise!


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