04 August 2008

The Melody in Mind

Are you a bathroom singer? You are I bet, a singer somewhere, if not in bathroom. How does it sound? Naive question, you might think. No. Apart from the acustics of bathroom, the most melodious voice of yours and it sounding amazing all the time, something else lies in the midst. Humming follows a melody that floats in mind. The modulations, envolopes, and style, when nothing is being sung but only thought is the melody in mind.

What about it? It is far superior to what our vocal chords can produce. and obviously more joyful than listening even to a favourite song. So what? So music, my friend, need not always be associated with SOUND! Sound can be part of music but not a necessary part.

Same is true with rhythms. We can play drum in the head better than our hands can ever play. But the fun is not any less. How about a concert of minds? Let me know if you are interested!


  1. hmmm.. quite interesting!

    Would not a 'bit' of practice translate what the a capable mind has been able to imagine?! I wonder! Is not every voice a fine instrument, some needing more tuning than the other and each producing music different!?

    concert of minds! me interested :)
    D you think it can be viewed as the harmony in the team in a sport event with team of players in 'Zone'?

  2. Being a bathroom singe u live your life to open your mouth and shout no matter who care. Well only if u have good walls with cement or no noisy walls.

  3. Ravee, nothing much... some yakshagana rhythms and some melodies..interesting never thought like that. if someone hangs me i think i can get the my voice tuned! why not!

    Don worry about the bathroom! Mine has wooden walls and neighbours the iron ears! but i was talking about THINKING melodies :)

  4. yakshagana rythms! thats very interesting.
    and yes, about voice tuned... you are not first ;) anyway think of the positive side, i get invitation to sing in houses whenever there is a 'nasty' neighbour they want to scare away :)

    Priya, Ragu
    Very true, a good set of walls is very essential and encouraging :)

  5. hey never read it clearly! what do you sing? which kind?


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