It was an utter flop. I however made a come back in a monoact ayear later. I had written a play based on a story that I heard on radio. I gathered three enthusiasts to act in it. Planned the dialog. Borrowed a cracker pistol from a friend. Used the coat that my uncle had brought. After a swift practice under a Banyan tree, we were on stage to perform a short play of our own. We sucked. No one new what the plot was. The plot was simplistic, acting lame.

A year later, I was able to come up with a monoact. I based it on the Jamakhandi Drama Company famous drama: Tipu Sultan. A quick and lonely practice behind the school was enough. Meer Sadhak, was played by then famous Vinoda Vidhyanidhi Mudugodu Shantkumar. I had seen Shantajja in Mudugodu, my mother's village. He also participated in Yakshagana. I still remember his Shoorpanakhi and his famous dialog "Hoosuvasane!". My grandfather played a meer Brahmana in the Seetaapahaara prasanga. This prasanga I recall has an amazing padya and lyrics: "NOdi nirmala jala sameepadi maadi kondaru parNashaaleya.."

I had plagiarised Shantajja's dialogs from the original drama generously in what I now call, "my monoact". The monoacting was OK for a 13 year old. We had another play the same night. I played a politician's role. A role that had lot of dialogs ,72 if I am right. Rajappa mestru took a lot of interest and also wrote a song specially to enhance the drama. That was my first and last drama.

Or so I thought, until a while ago! I now play the leading role in one of the biggest and most important dramas: my life! Hail nature! I have gifted senses. I can smell the plot easily. I was at the receiving end today in my life's drama. They were setting me up. Or so they thought! I can smell the fart of their previous life, godamn it. You still dont believe life is a drama? Look at these dialogs. I asked the girl at the Physical Activity Complex if the squash courts were free. She was about to hand us two rackets but I asked her, "Do you have balls?". She replied promptly, "you have to bring your own! ". Have a nice day.