Ri! Cycle

An article said, sex increases life expectancy. We have somany kid factories in India still our life expectancy is one of the lowest! My grandmother on the other hand was a window in her teens and lived a full hundred years. If this argument looks wiered, so be it!!

It seems only 13% waste generated in Toronto is recyclable. God know how much is degradable. I remember how mother used the waste to add to fertilizer stock and also how degradable waste was used to feed cows. I honestly do not rememer seeing any nondegradable waste back home until recently. I do not want you to waste your time on waste. An addvertisement used to say "dont waste timepass"!

Let us talk about bicycle. We know who invented it. No actually we do not know! In either case, what is your problem? Just use it. Why should you know all the story to ride it? My bike on the other hand is very expensive. The lock is even more expensive! It cost me $5 more than the bike. My card said "insufficient fund" when I paid $20 for the lock! Very expensive for a sports bike I guess. I also got to know why it is illegal to ride on a freeway. It is not so hard to kill ourselves riding on a freeway next to vehicles speeding at around 100+ Kms. If you choose to ride a bike at 1 am in the night like I did, dying can be even easier (Some fools call it morning! Morning is when you get to see Sun's hangover).

We are gathered here today to talk about business cycles. Bicycles and recycles were only a prelude. You got to be more serious dude! Can not talk always about bicycles. What about it? Thing is, interest rate in India was raised a few days ago by the Rezerve Bank of Bharatha. A book that I picked up by mistake started talking about how prosperity breeds criss. Shortage of short term loans, raise in prices, interest rate. So many things, confusing man! Know what, even economists are confused. You know why? becasue there is mist in econo-mist! Fog , I mean. The point of the argument is that If what I understood is right (common, when was that last time?) India might slip into at least a mild recession.

If you are still wondering how this relates to me, look, during prosprerity inefficiency grows. Unskilled dumb labours get jobs to somehow increase production (no not reproduction). That is how prosperity in India got job for dumb people like you and me. However, to get a job in a depressed economy is much harder. Pay wont be better either.

I am sure you are wondering by now, what about sex and life expectancy? How is that, discussed in the begining, related to this post?

Who said it is ?!