I ate Italy!

There are many reasons why Canada is one of the decent countries in the world; something an immigrant like me has always appreciated and of which Canadians should be proud .However, what made me sad is what the word "Canadian" means in Canada! Make a guess before I tell you a thing or two about it. I went to a restaurant in Ajax, one of the suburbs in Toronto area. The person with me was a dude who is one of the very good drivers I have seen. He told me once about driving. That he never drives but flies! That aside, what took me by surprise was his order. He said, "Give me a Canadian". Keep guessing while I take you around some of the interesting thoughts this Saturday.

Have you ever thought about a pant which grows as you grow? Have you ever questioned if such pants can laundry themselves while you continue to wear it? Adarsha one of my friends has a complete design for such a pant. His wife Srujana added that such a pant should also come with a embedded washroom and should change colour! Now, not willing to be left behind, let me add, ... I do not know man... it might sound crazy.. I will keep it for another post. Thing about all this was that we had some crazy trash talk and some wise predictions. We ruled that the Bloor station designers were stupid and the junction for north south and east west subway intersection in Toronto will collapse before the end of next week! We could say that by the loudness of the train running north to south. Alright, if that was not enough, after we were back from super market we ate Italy!

Have you ever eaten France? Netherland at least? eh? No? I feel sorry for you. We just had 6 Italies. Tamil some said has no or little compunds. Idli becomes Idali or Itali! (All langues have limitations, not just Tamil) So we had Italies in a Srilankan restaurant.

Then a Chinese looking guy asked us. You speak Kannada! Man, I was floored but the suprise was yet to come. When we said. "yes", he said he can speak Kannada in Kannada! He went on to explain that he was a Tibetian and had lived in Bengaluru. We spoke about Mundagodu and Dharmashala. I forgot to ask about Tibet. Then there were Chinese looking guys speaking English in thick Tamil accent. They used words like, "oNely", "Dhanks"! And then they spoke in Tamil. It took a while to realise Some Malaysians speak Tamil and they are not Indian Tamilians.

Then we bought some Nuts and Bolts! Nah.. some dry nuts actually then headed home.
The board to the friends Condo read "Residents only"! I am planing to stick a P behind it next time I go to make it, "Presidents only"! Do not ask me why!!

Now, to wake you up to what I strated with, "Did you guess what Canadian means in Canada?". It is a brand of Beer.


  1. Ever heard of the concept called logical flow of thought?

  2. ever heard of concept called magical flow of thoughts? eh?


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