Are you a racist?

I have reasons to believe that the way we grow up has lot of room to make us racist. Irrespective of how plural surroundings are, we always judge and associate and even map some elements of the surroundings to others. For example, we associate smell to different things: fragrance to flower, foul smell to decaying and so on (let us leave details for future discussion). Not all associations are correct but some are not so obvious. We associate intelligence with caste, race etc. We hear all the time; some say Brahmins are more intelligent. I have run in to several North Americans who directly or indirectly admitted that they consider Jews smart. Isn't racism a slightly exaggerated version of these associations with a thick negative connotation?

How about Arabian horses? It goes unquestioned that they are the best horses in the world. Why does that not apply to humans? Are we being realistic when we say all races are equal? Definitely not. All races are different but horses are meant for running (let us agree on other details: control, endurance)! What matters is whether a horse is better at what it is supposed to do. They say, a ship is safe at shore but it is not what it is built for! Our IQ and other qualities make a huge difference in how we develop our societies. If we disregard exceptions, average of qualities differs. We can not quantify the difference but we know it makes a difference. If our nose and ass can be different, why not our intelligence?

If there are differences some will be better and others worse. Are these not enough for us to be biased? Some qualities such as power and intelligence are more useful in this world than others. Reality is that the world is biased in favour of some qualities and some of us have the advantage of possessing them a little more than others. I am practicing to leave all the prejudices to my heart and train my head (conscious decision) to be balanced. I will never listen to my heart (emotional decision) for I know it is biased. I would rather let my emotions enjoy the pleasures of experiences. In either case, what we are up against are bad reactions to these differences: racism.

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  1. you are right we are all biased and alwyas make blanket statements on anything they are like that or those things are like that, or we love to be biased and if world would have neutral no sports were played!!!!!!!!


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