Beautiful Mind

Very few things on earth have the ability to be themselves and an on looker, both at the same time. Very few, I siad, but in fact I know only one such a thing: mind. Reader might now few other such things, I suppose.

"Sound mind in a sound body", is a neccesity, obviously insufficient. Oh, that was out of the context remark. I was talking about and you were reading about, being both at the same time. We fine tune our mind, some consiously and others, which I belive is more significant, by inadvertant conditioning. Inadvertant conditioning? This I think is called "Living", in plain English.

What I intend to discus is, the fact that our mind knows about most of the conditionng it undergoes. It also has the ability to be objective observer capable of determining, if not the right conditioning, at least a better conditioning. What is more pleasing is, it can go further and create a complex state of mind which can either be highly volatile or remarkbly stable.

What is the element of mind that plays a pivotal role in directing it to stability or an irratiobal volatility, has been a mystery to me. However I have strong reasons to belive that conditioning, based on consistant thought and action can lead to a pure mind. I fear I will have to use all the good adjectives known to me, to describe such a conditioning. That would give us sufficient reassons to belive that there won`t be be a perfectly pure mind. Such a thing would probably equal non existant idealistic imaginations in science like an 'Ideal Gas' or 'Block Body'!

Efforts are made in Geeta: one of the Indian sciptures to explain 'stablest of the minds'. It calls the man with such a mind 'sTiTa prajnYa'. One of the defnitions of Yoga apears commenting on the stability of mind. "SamaTwam YogamucHyate", Evenness is called Yoga.

Written on:
18th May 2006, Toronto Airport
Thanks to Flight Cansellation.

Edited at:
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada


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