More than what most knew..........

Yesterdays, in future, might look funnier. Then, everybody is likely to know more than what the most learned knows today. Like it could have appeared to shepherds a thousand years ago if somebody told them that every one on earth will be able to read and write one a day, It feels impossible to assume that one day every one will be able to know and do what the specialists of today do. I see it coming. A day when an average man on the street will know more than what the PhDs know today. Entirely new level of knowledge will flow around the world making all the complicated things of today a little less than trivial thing to do. I mean, if I am taken a thousand year ahead in time, I will be, what the new word they would have invented to replace and enhance the meaning of the word 'stupid', means.

Last few centuries saw everybody learning to read and write. The concept of public education that is so obvious today is probably one of the best policies that was made in the human history. Whoever thought of it deserves appreciation for it was partly responsible for information explosion we are talking about today. What I am talking about is an obvious extension of the phenomenon then.

More realistic imagination would be that there will be things that everybody can not do. We do not need a barber to shave as our ancestors did back then but we do need a barber to cut our heads. Only scientists used computers back then. Five year old kid designs a webpage, today, using computers. Yet there are things that only programmers can do. This distinction of 'leading' and 'being led' is likely to remain but in a different fashion.

Sun shall rise in the east if they abstain from turning the whole world around!



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