People are of theree types!

May be there are many types. I know only these.

Type 1: Religous, pious.
Type2: Objective
Type3: Opportunistic

I will talk about the last type. The last type wants the glory of the civilisation, religion, caste. It does not care for cultures of the religion and caste. E.g. some call themselves Hindu Brahmins and they eat meat and drink alcohol. It calls scriptures either not worth reading or useless. It lives in pubs in the name of enlightened liberalism; A nice paint of philosophy for indulgence. Thinks itself to be of intellectual class while doing what is convenient rather than what fits to philosophy. This hypocritical group is somewhat prides itself for modern outlook (look out!) talks as if the all the ancient philosophers were stupid, rejects many good values because they do not look modern. It talks about open relationships. Again indulgence guides its principles. It neither brings change nor is it revolutionary. It just follows a bunch of people of their cult and thinks it is different from them.

What an illusion of objectivity! You know whom I am talking about? I am talking about urban youth who talk about their racial history proudly and take bath in pubs. These liberated souls, find reasons for their indulgence. Everything is an after thought.


  1. You said it all when you said - illusion of objectivity. Agree with you. New found money in India is further aggravating this headless 'enlightened liberalism. Its soo short-sighted. Nice post!

  2. If we use these arguments we are called conservative bigots you see!


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