19 February 2007

Alternative Reading Week

I had an opportunity to work with some of the NGOs working in Saskatoon. University learning centre organised a week long programme focusing on creating awareness about social issues mainly poverty in some communities in and around Saskatoon.

Our group had 26 members and was split in to sub groups.

The group I was in participated in Poverty awareness workshop conducted by Anti Poverty coalition.

Core Community group Walked us through some of the poor neighbourhoods.

SCYAP showed us how they engage kids in art and painting.

We ate in Friendship inn saw how they are helping the people in need.

We worked in the Habitat for humanity ReStore. We also volunteered to paint the house that Habitat was building in I think 18th street.

EGazed showed us how they help street children to get back to normal life.

Reading week is a week long holiday in Canada. I was told that holidays were to allow students to read and prepare for the midterm exams that follow. I was also told that previously this week had highest suicide rate among students.


18 February 2007

Who am I?

My ancestors were probably Hindu priests. My parents however are farmers. But we have the practices of pronouncing our ancestry in our daily rituals. One such ritual is called "Gotra Pravara".

According to that my lineage is something like this;

In the era of Yadu (calendar)
Follower of the formulations of Bhodhayana (A philosopher in 900 BC)
Follower of the sage Naidravat
Born to the family of Kashyapa (A sage after whom Kashmir is named(Kasyapa Mihira))
I am Raghavendra. (Wow!)

Good enough. I have no identity issues, even though things written above are debatable.