A trouble that is ignorance

I get irritated every time I am reminded that I do not know something. Irritation is incredible when I realise that no one knows! damn it, such simple things as:
  • -there is no way to say where tip of the pin is when placed in between the marks 1 and 2 in a measuring ruler.
  • -we have no clue why there are prime numbers. there are some ideas but again they leave some questions unanswered.
  • -why are most of fractals occurring nature mostly are of the order 2 or 3? (Or I do not know)
  • -given a set of rules there is at least one thing we can not prove using them (roughly)
  • the distribution of prime number! what the hell is the way to predict the next prime number given p a prime number?
  • -why is receptor mechanism in organisms so reliable even when it is not definitive?
  • -simple thing as matching strings is NP complete.
  • -hell, there no way to prove some problem is NP complete.
What do we know then? Nothing!


  1. Anonymous1:29 am

    For a given prime number p, the next prime number is (2^p - 1).

  2. who are you dude? thanks for the information. unfortunately (2^p-1) does not give us the next prime number. it does not even give us a prime number somewhere down the line. for e.g 7 is a prime number and 2^7-1 is 121 which is not a prime number(prime next to 7 is 11). even if you meant 2*p-1 we get 13 which is a prime number but not the next one. yes we can find some prime number but not the next prime number. you see, we do not know again! but let me tell you distribution of prime numbers is unknown so far. because prime numbers are a strange composition of states, they still are the mystery that is nature's poetry.


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