02 February 2009

The Indian media on "payroll"

The Indian media has been successfull in confusing the audience completely. What is important to citizens is that Election Commision remains unbiased and independent and not if X is its head or Y is its head. What is important is whether accusations are correct.

Chawla having been indicted by Shah report is no holy saint and at least is a questionable character while Gopalaswami has no such precedence. What matters to me is if the accusations are right and if so we want an impartial person head Election Commission save India's democracy. It is clearly evident from Congress stand and BJPs accusations that Chawla is "wanted" by Congress! Pleople want to know WHY?

People also want to know whether CNN-IBN and NDTV are on Congress' payroll? Why do we not see an investigation of the Mangalore pub kind? Why do we not see story that is most important: is Chawla the would be CEC honest? Article 324(5) on the other hand is not written in Greek and we do not need CNN-IBN/NDTV type interpretation!

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  1. Anonymous12:18 am

    although a bit late to comment on this entry and bit off topic, i have stopped watching NDTV and CNNIBN from last few months. I think it was too much of Barkha Dutt taking reality news to the extreme during the Mumbai attack !!

    ~ Srinidhi


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