25 July 2009

Chabla - Chande and Tabla Dagga

(Please tune your ears! Nothing is in tune with everything :) Use a headset for Thavil's sake. Your laptop speakers suck! Ya they Do. If You did not know then you do not know. Most crappy headsets do a better job.

Some thought sloughter

Thavil combines inkless (ink=black stuff at centre[1]) drum head percussion with some bass on left side with a bigger drum head. But the tonal quality of Thavil left head is not so impressive compared to Yakshagana Chande. Also Chande has high pitch with slightly better tonal quality. Tabla dagga has one of the best bass quality for all kinds of drums. Tabla dagga is obiviously better than Thavil right head bass [-1000]. So why not combine them: Chande and Tabla? We can clearly hear better boss in the video. Better tone of the Chande is not obvious. Take my words for it! And forgive my voice.... yet, doesnt this sound a bit like Mrudangum with missing pure tone (No! Mrudangum is not a new type of Gum. Is a drum.) Note this drum combination is unique in that the bass drum has the ink and tonal drum head has none (exact opposite to what is usual) creating unique sound of pure bass and not so tonal left head.

[-1000] I have tried to offend Karnataka music guys less. They have a habit of getting offended too much; not my problem. They care more for Karnataka music (Sorry Rajaji*) than for music.

[1] The black stuff or the ink or the KarNe in Kannada is placed at the centre of drum head to kill all overtones not multiple of the fundamental. This makes the tone produced perfectly hormonic when tuned perfectly. It is another matter that Mrudanga guys changed perfectly hormonic head (Pakhavaj) by pushing outer layer closer to central ink there by changing the vibration modes of the streched membrane. That is why CV Raman choose Tabla instead of Mrudanga for his study ( click on it you.. lazy ... ). Note, I like Karnataka Sangeetha. This was only to keep it light. Do not be offended. By the by, the very change makes Mrudanga what it is by adding some seductive overtones, turning the hot Pakhavaj into a sexy gum. Mrudanga also produces wrable (Janyyeeee sound). On the other hand Dagga has shifted ink to produce tonal but some other overtones making it the most sexy bass.

* Even Rajagopalachari was pissed about the name for Karnataka Sangeetha! Guys down south will change it to Trucknatic music (Car natic).

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