Jounalists are jealous of bloggers

Yes they are here is an example:,curpg-2.cms

And my answer:

This article is incomplete. At the end, article needs a "sigh". The author's chest appears light at the end of it!! This is merely a J(jealous) post. The treatment here is that at one end of the battle field are journalists who are the holly cows that make no punctuation error and have become something that is so "tough"/"hard" to become (like a rocket scientist) and the other end are sore looser. Mr author these sore looooooosers matching your descriptions have a more popular name: common man/ordinary people. 

Yes people fail/succeed/talk/bitch/rant/oppose and but unlike journalists only a few may even be paid. Aren't you js paid? Aren't you media houses have ideology: liberal/modern/progressive whatever you may like to call it?
It is really heartening to see when journalists who frustrate common men with their abuse of stupidity get frustrated. When was the last time online media got all the punctuation right? And when was the last time that so called Editorial Process was applied and meant something meaningful? It is time js stop assuming they only have the right to rant and face the rant of those frustrated by stupidity of journalists.

Yours sincerly
A blogger (not a paid one like you journalists)
By the if you apply your Editorial Process on this I have my blog to rant. No worries!!