15 April 2010

Kannada Novels and Other's Wives

One fine day I walked into a small time poet's house unknowingly. You can imagine what might ensue! But for a change instead of a poem he had a newly written "short story" to tell, I mean 'when the ink is still wet' kind. It was apparently his first. As the story unfolded it became apparent that the story's plot was a rape scene. I was still in high school mind you and so was my friend: the author. I could not think of a reason why he needed rape plot; couldn't he find something more creative. Who am I to decide the story of the plot he has written. I said story was not bad and left.

I read Bairappa's Vamshavruksha, Avarana. Both have these sex plots of a kind. I picked up Mandra and to my disgust it begins with a scene where musician is trying to plead someones wife to have sex with him. Sex is not a problem but it is not an analgesic tablet that you can take whenever you have head ache. For the second time I am looking for a reason why some authors are obsessed with sex.

I read Windy Doniger's exploits. Another clear case of lack of any creativity. I admire all authors for the effort they take in creating a piece. Bairappa especially rights well researched novels. Vamshavruskha is one of the finest novels. But to me that does not change my belief that those who lack creativity of some sort resort to sexual references too often especially extra marital ones.  Over doing it is wrong not the reference itself.


  1. stumbled here through the magical "next blog" button. I'm digging it! Sex, and rape scenes especially are the panacea of the literary world. Characters are dull? Story going nowhere? Toss in some rape and watch the magic happen! It's such a cheap way out

  2. Anonymous10:22 am

    Kaamale kannige ooorella Haladi!!


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