Illegal Immigration to India

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Riots & the bogey of Bangladeshis

Your article is an example how "researchers" in non-exact sciences pick and choose to prove their point. This is totally dishonest way of drawing inference and picking numbers to suit your arguments. Are you saying that there are no illegal immigrants at all? Is it not true that overall population growth of Hindus in Assam is lower than national average while that of Muslims is significantly higher than national average between 71 and 91, and Muslim population growth in Assam is almost 35% higher than non Muslim population growth during the same period? Who is overzealous to prove his point? The Election Officer or you? Finally you ask, "What informs this fear of the growing number of Muslims?". Whatever might be the source but fact that increasing number of Muslims is worrisome to other people, should tell you something. Whatever happened to "growth" of Hindu population in Bangladesh and Pakistan is a starter if you wish to open your eyes wide enough Or you already know, yet this pretense?

Muslim Organisations: Look how they have "Liberation" "Force" "Army" "Tigers" etc words in them!