20 March 2016

Yakshagana Mundasa(Head Gear) - Demo by Ganapathi Bhagavat

It is a tradition to wear something on the head at important occasions. For a wedding, for welcoming guests or during sales and purchase. The music and dance performers should also wear headgear. This tradition is still alive in the villages. It is mandatory for Yakshagana performances. It does not look like there was one particular style long ago. My grandfather who was a traditionally learned Bhagavatha, would just wrap a shawl around his head. But now a certain style has become prelevant. I had the fortune of visiting one of the gretest yakshagana singers of our time: Bhagavatha Vidwan Ganapathi Bhat at his home in near Kundapura, Karnataka. He showed us the common way of wrapping headgear. Please watch and learn.

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