Sense of place in a tune

I just realised that this music arouses a strong sense of place. I was humming tune that I used to listen an year ago. Suddenly the details of the place and events around when I first listened to that song flashed infront of my eyes.

Whenever I listen to James Blunt`s ''You are beautiful' I remember winterdays in Brugge. One of friends liked the song very much, and played it many times. It was in december, snow fall was very light. It even rained outside. I was sipping a juice that I brought from a Pakistani shop.

The other one I remember is the classical song, "Saloni sss, Laagi lagan mori shyam". This reminds me of Eindhoven public library. There are many that remid me of places whenever they are played. "O sathi re sab kuch buladiya" reminds me of our trip to Praksh`s brothers marriage. Also the song "Yeh shehar hai aman ka..".

The oldest tune that I can recall is the folk song that my mother sung for me. I listened carefully leaning to a pillor in the front yard of my home. "Govina haadu" (The song of a cow). The tiger that was supposed to eat the cow dies in shame, seeing the honesty of the cow. I wept in the end each time my mother sung the song for me. I have not been able to figure out, even to this day, whether it was for cow or for tiger, I was crying. But I remember the song, the scene where my mother sung it for me.