Average Muslim wants room to survive


In Reaction to Dr Arjun Appadurai, anthropologist`s interview to Rediff:

It is not true that an average Muslim wants room to survive. There is less discrimination on an average Muslim. There has always been opposition to radical Muslim ideas and that has consistently been mistaken to be anti-minority stance. (Similillar views from minority is mistaken to be anti-majority stance!)

What worries is the inability of Muslim society to control intolerance, distinguish between reformist aspirations and oppression and avoiding indirect support to radicals. There is a minority in minorities that indirectly represent hidden passions of the majority in minority. It is with this group that the majority is scared. It is not a hidden fact that they would not survive if their own people are determined to eradicate them.

The author’s claims are far from reality. When Imam of Delhi Mosque the religious head of Muslims can proclaim that "Insha Allah we will rule India again", there is reason for Hindus in India to be worried about. Political or otherwise, concern is a concern. When it comes to rights, I do not think Indians want to be ruled by religions, most of which are inherently undemocratic. The reverse-bias in deploring unacceptable aspects of minorities still continues. It is the time when we should call a spade, spade and try to resolve problems reasonably. One can not arrive at a solution without understanding the reality and showing a remarkable willingness to accept it.