God of Nasty Things

Woh! 'God of Small Things' is an old title, other alternatives we may think of for titling God related articles are, 'God of Small Thugs', 'Beware of God', 'Gods are not allowed' etc etc.. I however choose a little indecent looking one 'God of Nasty things'.

May peace be upon you. God save gods. Now I am going to talk about them all. Before all that can happen we have to some analysis on the existence of god. Here we go! Science until now has not been successful in proving or disproving GOD. That makes agonistic beliefs more scientific than theistic or atheistic beliefs. However neither atheistic nor theistic belief can be branded unscientific.

Gödel’s incompleteness theorem: "...The implication is that all logical system of any complexity are, by definition, incomplete; each of them contains, at any given time, more true statements than it can possibly prove according to its own defining set of rules. ". It goes on..... "Perhaps doomed also, as a result, is the ideal of science - to devise a set of axioms from which all phenomena of the external world can be deduced.". "Gödel showed that provability is a weaker notion than truth, no matter what axiom system is involved ... " (I am not talking for Vatican! Believe me. I am not impressed.) (Source: http://www.miskatonic.org/godel.html)

So.... we do not know...... but there is GOD!, at least in heads of majority of human beings on earth. That unfortunately is not good news as we would have expected. My supervisor told me about the concept of "Meme". (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme). How correct can the arguments that our ideas are right, be true?

In an attempt to claim superiority of our own ideas and imposing them on others, all religions have undermined divinity. "Difference in faith is a by difference in thought" said a thinker (Beremati bere mata Mankutimma -DVG). The business of divinity can not be proprietary of some group. Some have argued that faith is an indication of weak mind.

I have attributed atheism to refusal to accept the weakness of our minds. Psychological studies have shown that child needs a great amount of affection and care to feel safe. I shall argue that habitual trait is dormant in our minds and surfaces unconsciously (sometimes consciously). It is then that we see a support in at least the hypothetical entity, if not in a physical (parents) one.

My parents taught me to pray. I find it difficult today to pray standing in front of an entity whose existence is questionable. I have been an atheist for a while and now I have made a decision. Isn't there some ego involved in not believing GOD? Existence or non-existence of GOD is irrelevant. One can deny GOD but not the bliss in devotion.

I believe in GOD fully knowing that such an entity may not exist. I believe in GOD because it is useful to me.


  1. Anonymous7:15 am

    I am feeling very sorry to read this article from you. I know you have read Upanishads, bhagavadgitha etc etc... Come I will show you God. I am not joking. I am very serious and very frank. Yavudanna shruthiu vivarisalasadya endu heliruvudo adanna vivarisalaguvude? But do remember you are from the nation where Sri Ramakrishna paramahamsa lived who saw, talked, with God every day. He is not the only one to see God.Just an example. Shivaji Maharaj, an incarnation fo Lord Shiva.Samartha Ramadas.., avara shishya Kalyana Swami.. Adella bidu,...Nimma mane hathiradalle idda.. Sri Shirdhara Swamigalu nodiddare.. avrobre alla avara shishyaru hagu baktharigu darshana madisiddare.Adu yavaga just say around 50 years back...Ella hale kaladalli..nedidaddu adunnella nambakke agadille andre .This was just 50 years back.. ADella yake I will show you God..Come to me..Do you say you cannot get butter from the milk? Only because you cannot see butter in milk? halige heppu haki ekanthadalli ittu mosaranna kadudre benne baradu. Similarly, You can meet god, discuss with him or what ever you want you can do (Already many people have done it).Before that you need preparation.. aste.. You believe when NASA says there is water in MARS..How ? ..Because if not you, they have seen it. Similarly when people who have seen god and told the whole world that I have seen and had a chat with him. You wont believe..? If you go and ask NASA to show you the MARS, then they will tell you to undergo training before showing.. You are ready for that. But when our own great people tell you that I will show you but you have to undergo a training then you wont believe and you will not do..WHich one do you think is the great achievement? Creating a computer or modern things or seeing GOD. Who has created not only that small thing but the whole universe!!!...Plz Plz Plz if you donot agree with this keep quite .. Do not spoil others..You are a Leader. There are so many youngsters with you. They all are following you .w.r.t thoughts, your behavior. everything. Looking at you they will say the same FALSE thing.. SO if you donot know Please donot talk about it...This is not a matter of one's belief. It is the TRUTH. No matter one believe it or not.People who believe in God have a reason for why people donot believe in God also. Anyways nannadada vyakarana, athava yavude reethiya thappugalige kshame irali...

    If you want to talk to me.(Anybody on earth for that matter) Here is my mail id: bhat.sumanth@gmail.com


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