Problem with intellectuals

In every country and almost everywhere intellectuals are against the government. Anarchism seems to be only solution acceptable to them. I talk about this because I was reading this, t interview given by Aundhanti Roy, where she talks about oppression, morality, corruption etc.
The day I find an intellectual who offers a practical solution to real world problem, I shall appreciate their existence. All the time I see so called intellectuals opposing every solution that an authority comes up with, and almost everything that exists in society. That is the problem with the intellectuals. They highlight problems and aggravate it by halting some solutions that may work partially. They never offer a solution. It is all in bits and pieces. Do not like that, that is wrong, That is oppression blah blah.....
Solutions? No they have no idea.


  1. Hey, give the intellectuals a break. Understanding the issues on a deeper level is the greatest protection we have against doing something really stupid. And yes, that often means nixing promising solutions but when we keep at it we can make slow and steady progress. Jumping at a quick fix will only land us in bigger trouble. Go Chomsky! the old fool.


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