We can always be more mature than people of our age but we can only go as far as 15-20 years ahead of the rest. Yet we learn that it was not good enough. I have lost lots of ego yet whatever remains is more than required! Our thoughts get more realistic yet not realistic enough! We get better bigger yet not enough......

I had told you; last time I left Belgium I had two bags. I thought they were all I needed. Yesterday I picked up my cabin bag to check some back account information while keeping it back realised that just that bag, I repeat just the bag I was holding was all I needed to earn my living! It had my university certificates, passports etc.

Extending that philosophy we may recall what Indian philosophers had argued since long. (My favourite: when days were not worth counting!)

We need nothing to be happy! Things only create trouble!

At first, they said in RigVeda:

was neither Being nor Nonbeing.
There was not air nor yet sky beyond.
What was wrapping? Where? In whose protection?
Was Water there, unfathomable deep?

Some mystic thing ...............



  1. " We can always be more mature than people of our age "
    that is true, and we may call these ppl genius, well but maturing before age is not always good, at certain stage in ur life u will get a hanker to this period u have skipped. So u may immature again.
    growth, changes, truths … are all connected together in a certain way. And our life is always expanded according to how hard we try.

    p.s: I'm interested to know what that other language is?


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