24 May 2009

Why is media mostly liberal biased?

Seemingly complicated question! Or is it like asking why people are liberal? No, much simpler answer can satisfy us, I assure you. When media is a business and news is sold, it can only do that helps its business: promote sale! Of what? Does not matter! This does answer the question we begun with. I will tell you how.

Collectivism simply reduces number of consumers or end users. At the heart of liberalism lies self. Promote self interest, you get individualism. No further explanation is needed to understand how this helps consumerism. Lo, you get a media that simply promotes consumerism in the name of liberalism.

What is the outcome? Same! The make believe media is just another arm of crony capitalism. Middle and poor class become slaves of the more "Enterprising". Take a few out from and add a few to this class and that class; people change; things do not change. "Enterprising" is a relative term. Not that you are not smart, but that it is fair then to charge you for someone else being smarter. Isn't that what our ancestors called cheating? Some names change, things wont! What was your name yesterday?

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