Enough is enough

Enough is enough in a totally different sense. When we posses enough to meet our needs we are most happiest. When we possesses even a little more we start seeing problems. We all know the problems of not having enough.

When we have more than enough money, it comes at the cost of time. We do not have "time" to have fun with what we earn. When we have more than enough utensils Per Se we have to wash them too! When we have lots of furniture we have less space! And when we have a bigger house do you come help me clean it? Or will you pay the rent or mortgage or whatever? If not again I have to start working more to pay off loans. That's is why I said. Enough is enough.

By its side remember some smart people are fast. They can save time and earn more. Then it is like going to where you are supposed to on time, or before! We miss things by the side of the road. Now, this is not life! This is yet another blog post that is all. Have a nice whatever!


  1. sumana10:23 pm

    I agree with you on this point. But again, LIFE is LIFE,which cant b predicted at any moment. We acquire things and then fret over them!!! Sometimes cant help it :P


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