Is religion like food!?

Yes! If we grew up eating burgers, we will come back to it and will like it always. If we ate Dose/Idli, we will go find a South Indian restaurant like I did here! If we are the followers of some Y ism, more likely we will remain one: more or less! I mean more when we are older and less when we are younger! Faith can get weaker or stronger but will remain.

Then you have some varieties. You grow up disliking carrots, say. Then you end up never liking. We might never come back and like it. Some like Ambedkar dislike and change religion(Buddhism) because they grew up not liking something (Hindu). Some like Periyar are just happy blaming Brahmins for all evils: they become atheists or whatever they call themselves not fascists. That is because Brahmins are not Jews!

How does it matter? Or why should it? At least they are thinking. Thinking they are, changing their faiths and feeling good. Like food we eat growing up, we like and dislike faiths. Do not tell me some are intellectuals. They are a bit more conscious that is all!


  1. there you go!! Good comparison...Sometime I feel like nothing more than that!


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