Evolution need not be in conflict with creation stories

I do not think one needs to be an atheist to believe in Evolution or Science. Believing in GOD is different from believing that there is GOD! Science says "It is highly improbable that there is GOD". Thus they find it acceptable to be Agnostic or Atheistic.

I believe in science and therefore in Evolution. I DO NOT believe in creation. Creationism is a dishonest argument to say the list, i.e to believe today that it is true is self betrayal. When I say that, I see harmony not conflict: it was an attempt by our ancestors to understand and explain the beginning of the universe and life. It is in all traditions and they are fascinating. Newton is only outdated after we have better understanding of Einstein's theory. That in no way diminishes Newton's contributions.

The creation stories are a way to appreciate our ancestors genuine attempts to explain and we have to enjoy the stories. We have to like the superb use of language and poetry in it ("...Let there be light. Then there was light"...). To say that today, they are right would insult our ancestors genuine attempts of reasoning. Continuing the same spirit we have evolution today. Tomorrow we may find a better answer. Let us hope we will.