07 October 2009

Not taking is better than giving!

I was asked a question in an informal coffee meet.
"Let us ask Ragu."
"What do developing countries expect from developed countries?"

"Nothing" I said, "They would be much happier if developed countries stopped taking from them, first."

There was an expected silence. Some thought I was not saying anything relevant; their body language made it apparent. Some others did not understand what I was saying.

I gave a few hints, "Coke companies are buying rivers in India. This is when our people do not have clean drinking water."
African countries or their so called governments "sell" wood and other raw materials for peanuts. If that is not taking what else is?

Asteya (अस्तेय) is one of the disciplines prescribed for those who want to live a decent life. Not taking is much better than giving: it eliminates the need for donations.

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