South India

Australian diplomat Walter Crocker in his biography of Jawaharlal Nehru, published in 1966 observed that "south India has counted for too little in the Indian Republic. This is a waste for India as well as an unfairness to south India, because the south has a superiority in certain important things—its relative lack of violence, its lack of anti-Muslim intolerance, its lack of indiscipline and delinquency in the universities; in its better educational standards, its better government, and its cleanliness; in its far lesser practice of corruption and its little taste for Hindu revivalism. If the English language is to be saved to India as a living language it is the south that will save it".


  1. Anonymous9:55 am

    elaborate more on it...

  2. No I do not wish to elaborate.

  3. Clarification:
    This is not my opinion: this is Walter Crocker's.
    And Burnol is good for ass burns.


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