26 October 2009

South India

Australian diplomat Walter Crocker in his biography of Jawaharlal Nehru, published in 1966 observed that "south India has counted for too little in the Indian Republic. This is a waste for India as well as an unfairness to south India, because the south has a superiority in certain important things—its relative lack of violence, its lack of anti-Muslim intolerance, its lack of indiscipline and delinquency in the universities; in its better educational standards, its better government, and its cleanliness; in its far lesser practice of corruption and its little taste for Hindu revivalism. If the English language is to be saved to India as a living language it is the south that will save it".


  1. Anonymous9:55 am

    elaborate more on it...

  2. No I do not wish to elaborate.

  3. Clarification:
    This is not my opinion: this is Walter Crocker's.
    And Burnol is good for ass burns.


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