17 February 2009

This is called hilarity

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ossama lives in texas with mr bush in same villa.

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Re: ossam
by avinash balakrishnan on Feb 18, 2009 02:37 AM Permalink
Now thats out of box thinking

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13 February 2009

Latent Managers

Who shaves the barber? The refrain in this post is going to be:

"everything needs to be managed and the manager and the managed can not be both at the same time."

If this sounds obvious, well, it isn't! Labourers out there, forget about contracts, projects or assignments and think about 'living' a bit. I will explain why all decent looking things have a manager on top and why life is not an exception.

Parasitic growth of embryo/foetus is managed by womb. Babies are managed by their mothers. Childhood is managed by parents and caring neighbourhood; our education by teachers and school. The work we do my managers and the managers by their managers and so on.

What it is that we do that goes unmanaged? Depending on our choice, marriage is a stuff that can go unmanaged if we by any chance believe we are on top of it! Parents and relatives have tended to manage marriage. If we chose to believe that we can manage our own marriage we will be successful as much a barber trying to dress his hair himself. If you are wondering what else is managed? Until and after our death not only cremation is managed by the last and the 16th ritual but also memories, by the anual day of ancestors.

With the increased ecomonic activity and independece, being humble is more difficult. Some never get to feel the need for such a 'behaviour'. Arrogance when directed at some latent managers of our lives will harm and we wont even know we are our enemies!

02 February 2009

The Indian media on "payroll"

The Indian media has been successfull in confusing the audience completely. What is important to citizens is that Election Commision remains unbiased and independent and not if X is its head or Y is its head. What is important is whether accusations are correct.

Chawla having been indicted by Shah report is no holy saint and at least is a questionable character while Gopalaswami has no such precedence. What matters to me is if the accusations are right and if so we want an impartial person head Election Commission save India's democracy. It is clearly evident from Congress stand and BJPs accusations that Chawla is "wanted" by Congress! Pleople want to know WHY?

People also want to know whether CNN-IBN and NDTV are on Congress' payroll? Why do we not see an investigation of the Mangalore pub kind? Why do we not see story that is most important: is Chawla the would be CEC honest? Article 324(5) on the other hand is not written in Greek and we do not need CNN-IBN/NDTV type interpretation!

01 February 2009

Why prosperity is problem

Yes, prosperity not just can be but is always a problem for the those who are nor prosperous! Imagine this scenario:
Instead of much of India, whole of India with an exception of very few services were to be engaged in agriculture, income disparity would much be much less. In other words becasue a select few can not affoard to buy just becasue they can; this would not let inflation raise making life much easier for the rest of the consumers. I will not elaborate.