12 January 2010

Which instrument is this?

Can you guess?

Ek Taala - Yakshagana using strange instrument

Ek Tala - Another variation - Tapatatapatatata 

Ravi kakka, I think in his youth gave a Yuvavaani programme for Badravathi Radio station (1988?). I learnt a little hearing him. We had jams lasting an hour sometimes. He is still the best in this with much better bass and envelope. I get more complicated groves into it but can not get it as elegant as his. I will record his performance and put it here sometime.

Here is one of his favourite groves it comes at the at of the following recording at the very end with faster tempo. Not a great music but much pleasurable.

Ravi Kakka Grove -- ChapaChapaPachaChacha

This so called Ek Taala is a popular folk grove which I tried show and convince you so many ways. But you do not believe me. So here is another I do that. I start with folk grove and transition to Yakshagana grove.

I call this record Dattanna Dattanna

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