GPS route planning

I am new to this stuff. So these are my experiments. Magellan, Garmin, Tomtom are leading GPS brands. Garmin some say is good. Yet there are some very funny limitations in Garmin. I pay almost for a quarter computer and then get this box with huge processing power but a custom made software that I would like to call a operating shit-stem! If they could let me manipulate I could customize it like hell.

Ok long story short, Garmin 200 buck devices do not have route planner all the rest do. I own one so this ruing.

Here you can find a trip planner. And a converter here that claims to convert it to a format that Garmin can understand. These are nothing but XML files i.e text files with funny angular braces to say what is what. Some call it meta information. Garmin bone heads sell a Route Planner that accepts Long and Lat but you it is easy to die ramming head to a Garmin device than using this crap called software (Please send your head by fax I have a device if you want to kill yourself!). 

Yet there is hope for the hopeless. There is a converter here that can convert route file to (GPX2CR) Garmin style file.
So the steps are as follows.
1) Plan a route on NetKVik ( or Marengo ( Choose points of interest and save it to a file.
2) Convert KML to GPX  if using NetkVik.
3) Use "There is a converter here" to change to Garmin format.
4) Upload using another software to the holly Garmin
5) Then what? I do not know ! my unit does not pick up gpx at all.

If you are still alive and your wife has not lost patience you may go on your dream vacation. I think it is easy to return the unit to the seller!!