Shoppers Drug Fart and Canadian Fire

Yeah! These are two of the famous chains of stores in Canada. That only means, you will find them in all towns across Canada, selling almost similar things. They are usually never a cause for head ache. If you are not a jerk, that is. Yet when you do have head ache it is not uncommon to end up in Shoppers Drugmart. When you do do, most likely you will find expensive brand name pain killers on shelf. I rarely get head ache, unless I play my drums too loud, for example. Even when I had a head ache so severe that I vommitted unconsolebly (Yeah, I had tears too I do not know why) I did not munch on symptom killers, as I call them. Pain killers are an easy way to die, you see. They help you neglect problems in your body until you have no other options. You know what I mean. That aside. I was saying you will only find expensive brands on shelf. Like Talynol cold hot extra hot (common I am not buying a chilli snack here!) etc etc. Novogesic my wife told me is a generic that sells for far far far lesser than these brand names and does the same job (killing us eventually!). 

Yet pharmacies do not sell them becasue they are generics. That is manufactured by people like me who do not have patents but use famulae once they are expire the patent period. Generics sell at 25% of the price of Brand names in Ontario after the change in the regulation. So the solution the pharmacies have found is to not to keep them on shelf and force consumers to buy Brand names. There we go. Change in regulation also increased Dispensing Fee that is fee because they give the medicine not FOr the medince! Wah re wah kyaa baath hai.