05 June 2011

Thugs rule India

Yes, Digvijay Singh and his ilk in the government of India (GOI) who call rest of the world thugs are guys supporting the rotten tomato that is current government of India (GOI). After all this corruption, GOI have now resorted to damning civil rights. Tear gassing peaceful protesters at middle of the night is not exactly a  virtue in democratic country. But, who cares? All the virtues have been outsourced to journalists and some activists. They insist activism of Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare kind has no place in "liberal constitutionalism"! What exactly do they mean? Does corrupt judiciary have a place in that some thing? Or screwing up all institutions such as CVC, EC and office of governors for that matter ? We are dealing with thugs here, thugs that is current GOI. 

Here is a short response to Swapan Dasgupta:

Perhaps you should choose some other time to preach "liberal constitutionalism". What rules does the government play by ? Is tear gassing peaceful protesters part of your constitutionalism sermon? Or, is paid pimps in the judiciary a part of this "constitutionalism"? You guys should stop reading books and wake up to real life for a change.

This is naive folks. We need to play their game and change rules as they change the game. We are dealing with thugs here, thugs that is current GOI. 

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