22 June 2011

Yakshamitra - A raw live recording

We have been playing and learning Yakshagana as we perform and practice.  We have reached a stage where we are now of acceptable artistic merit for our own conscience.  Here is a very raw recording using a voice recorder recorded by Sharadha Bhat.

Listen to our Mudadinda Ninna

I am extremely happy with my Chande. We will go further but this is a milestone. Thanks to Vinayak Hegde; I mostly base my laya on his singing. I may not sound as good independently. Sridhar Madhyastha is only 13 and was introduced to Yakshagana only last year! He is now our little master. Uday Shastri our senior player will leave Toronto shortly. A warm farewell to him. He was there when we practiced last Sunday.

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