The honest Hegde

You see this honesty is a tricky thing. Those who do not understand the negative impact or those obsessed with their own reputation can sacrifice the interest of people in the process of being honest. Most if not every one, knows Karnataka that S M Krishna, HD Kumaraswamy HD Deve Gowda, Dharma Singh and Yedyurappa all are corrupt. However, people elected a man they think is least corrupt of them all! What Santhosh Hegde the "honest" Lokayukta has done now is accusing the least corrupt guy on all the sins knowing fully well that the hawkish congress agent and a slave Bharadwaj (you know whose) is waiting to bring down BJP government. 
Now that is honesty!  So much for it Hegde, now the JDS/Congress and other corrupts can hope to eat more money while you enjoy your retirement!   

Note how Yedyurappa is the focus! No one else figures so predominantly! SM Krishna and Dharma Singh (who was named in the first report) are not mentioned anywhere although mining started long back. Also note it is Yedurappa who continued to give some support to Lokayukta in some sense. Whether it was political compulsion or it was as much political situation could allow, is up for speculation. Compare this to Delhi's Sheela Dixit. She does not even have a Lokayukta and when Shugaloo committee accused her she chose to ignore the report. English media chose not to make a noise; we all know why !

Hegde says successive governments have been more corrupt. This is one thing we must worry about. Thanks Hegde - he has done something. Whether it is a little or a lot, corruption is not a virtue. It will help us in the long run to bring Karnataka government to a good shape. Some leaders will have to pay for it. Anything showing corruption in bad light is welcome.