Declining economic growth in southern states

My comment to:

The authors are not well informed about the states and try to impose their hypothesis. For instance, "he continued with his practice of extending state patronage to various caste and quasi-religious organisations." Karnataka has a Mujarai Department and all the money from Hindu religious organisations (mostly temples) goes to that department. Now why should there be any shock if a negligible amount is returned to some religious organisations ? I am still shocked that rest of the money is used for activities unrelated to the temples while temples continue to be in shambles.

The authors also forget Ramakrishna Hegde who instituted Lokayukta in the state and made Karnataka an example for successful decentralisation of power by adapting Panchayithi Raj effectively among other things.

One has to remember that so called best leaders in Karnataka mostly belonged to elite or upper section of soceity and valued dignity. Now what we have are village level street fighters. People in the grab of liberalism have called it democratisation! If this is what is democratisation then get ready for the mess. That is what you get out of it. Right without responsibility is not democratisation.