Kannada was spoken in parts of Maharastra, Andhra and Tamil

I was able to find somewhere the Linguistic Survey of India 1927 by G. A. GRIERSON CLE., Ph.D., DXitt., I.CLS. (retd.) - 1927.  (If some one sent it to me thanks I dont remember how i got it or fund it.)

So do not tell me I am chauvinistic or a fanatic! I directly quote the whole thing. The point is Kannada was spoken in Sholapur, Akalkot, Satara, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Karnool, Ananthapur, Salem, North Aroot, Coimbatore, Nilgiris 

Here is a census data from 1901 and detail accompanying it. 

"The bulk of the people whose home-tongue is Kanarese live outside the territory
included in the Linguistic Survey. The Census reports of Number of speakers- and 1901 have, therefore, been consulted in order to ascertain the number of speakers. From the various districts of the Bombay Presidency
estimates have been forwarded for the use of this Survey, as follows :—
Estimated number. Census of 1901
Kanara . 240,000 259,244
Sholapur 56,000 51,399
Akalkot 38,000 45,427
Satara 19,000 14,050
Satara Agency 6,500 4,246
Belgaum .....615,000 648,470
Kolhapur 159,000 153,058
Southern Maratha Jaghirs . . , . . . 361,500 374,520
Dharwar 861,000 916,039
Sawannr......10,800 11,793
Bijapur .......... 652,939 614,458
Total . . . 3,019,739 3,092,704"

More details here:

The Linguistic Survey of India 1927: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxyYWd1a3N8Z3g6N2QyZjAzZGE5OTZmY2Y0NQ

--Ragu Kattinakere


  1. i have the original volumes with me...the dialects were not only spoken there, but also in parts of central India, i mean the erstwhile central province which now is strewn across the states of MP,Mah and Chattisgarh...

    The Bombay Gazetteer, volume by John Faithfull fleet, clearly delineates the boundary between Kannada speaking and Marathi speakng populations as on 1900...have cited it on the Belgaum Boundary dispute site on Wiki..

    as for the dialects in Central India, all these so called tribal dialects which the mainland urbanites failed to comprehend when they came in touch are actually remanants of an earlier language which was prevalent all over and which slowly got phased out, the tribal pockets being the last bastions..astonishingly, the dialects of Korkhu, Bhili and Gondi of Central MP are very similar to Bidar Kannada while the Gondi and Baiga dialect of eastern MP is similar to Telugu... to say that, these were the prevalent dialects till hundred years back, only after which Hindi could make inroads is a matter of further research

    linguistically speaking....therz much more to the eye than what the popular notion is...!!

  2. Thank you Drtejnaik for this information. Can you please make atleast parts of these documents available online?

  3. tired of searching the place to post pics on blogger, have posted it on Picasa. herez the link, https://picasaweb.google.com/drtejnaik/AboutKannada#


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