09 May 2015

shankhnaad.net copies my blog post and removes my comments when asked to credit

Last year I investigated what RIP means and then wrote a blog post on why it is 'culturally inaccurate'. After more than a year I came across an 'article' that talked about RIP adding to it some more stuff but basically copying my blog post including the meme even plagiarizing parts of the post.

The author in question is one Rahul Priyadarshi who 'wrote' that 'article' for shankhanaad.net. It is perfectly alright to get ideas from somewhere or even to copy if someone is trying to further a cause. But the original post should be cited.

It was not a big deal. I posted a comment just making fun of them. But the comment got removed. That is sort of admitting they errored. They could have defended in vain. I could have made fun and left it at that. But my comments were removed twice. So I decided I will post the story here. It is rather shameless and you would never expect this behaviour from people claiming to further Sanatana Dharma. I hope they realise this is Adharma.

This is again not a big deal. They can go on. But they should pause and reflect.

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