24 August 2006

The help and the Hell

Before you start wondering let me tell you there is a huge relation between these two. Some people who have helping instincts directly go to hell! Hold on! When the help is extended volunterly, I mean when you help somebody before they asking for it, help will not be considered a help. I tried to help a guy the otherday. When he got into trouble he told me "why did you drag me into the scene?".

I have had several experiences where I found myself in an emberasing shape trying to help somebody. Trouble with such a help is that it is not considered a help. So I have a thumb rule which I never follow. Do not give anything before it is asked for.

Help is a help only when it is asked for! Otherwise, no mater how guenine, the world takes it for the itch in the ass.


23 August 2006

The Beauty is Back

One of the higest waterfalls in the world and the highest in Asia, Jog Falls in India is back to its beauty of olden days with the Heavy rain in the region.


18 August 2006

To School Again

I recall that dusk, full of memories. We went to our high school one evening, some 6-7 years after we finished our schooling. I and Subba were visiting a place where we made deafening noise, when it was getting ready to sleep! Silence was unwilling to part ways with the shadow of the universe: night. We broke it here and there with our humming and memories.

As we entered through the gate, watchman asked unassumingly, “What do you want?” “Nothing we suppose!” was our answer. The watchman we knew had probably retired. The plants we planted were now trees. We sat bellow one of them, next to the rusted fence wires, where some of us used to piss during leisure! We talked about how our teachers used characteristic phrases like, “Whatever it may be”.

It was in that place I had missed all three attempts of disc throws! I had managed to make fouls in all the attempts religiously, in a selection throw event. It was here that I had broken my little finger trying to catch a shot-put ball. “Piles problem madam” was an answer I had given when I was asked to say why I was sitting like a monkey. It was here that this had happened and that had happened.

We would have taken as much time we spent in the school to talk about our memories! But. Personal perspective of the future has an end. So should the memories be. Subba pressed starter button of his newly bought motor horse. Stars giggled. Darkness sent us home.


07 August 2006

Sense of place in a tune

I just realised that this music arouses a strong sense of place. I was humming tune that I used to listen an year ago. Suddenly the details of the place and events around when I first listened to that song flashed infront of my eyes.

Whenever I listen to James Blunt`s ''You are beautiful' I remember winterdays in Brugge. One of friends liked the song very much, and played it many times. It was in december, snow fall was very light. It even rained outside. I was sipping a juice that I brought from a Pakistani shop.

The other one I remember is the classical song, "Saloni sss, Laagi lagan mori shyam". This reminds me of Eindhoven public library. There are many that remid me of places whenever they are played. "O sathi re sab kuch buladiya" reminds me of our trip to Praksh`s brothers marriage. Also the song "Yeh shehar hai aman ka..".

The oldest tune that I can recall is the folk song that my mother sung for me. I listened carefully leaning to a pillor in the front yard of my home. "Govina haadu" (The song of a cow). The tiger that was supposed to eat the cow dies in shame, seeing the honesty of the cow. I wept in the end each time my mother sung the song for me. I have not been able to figure out, even to this day, whether it was for cow or for tiger, I was crying. But I remember the song, the scene where my mother sung it for me.


05 August 2006

My English Teacher

A tribute to Mr.Sridhar Hanagibailu, my beloved English teacher.

Yours Obedient
Raghavendra Kattinakere

04 August 2006

Average Muslim wants room to survive


In Reaction to Dr Arjun Appadurai, anthropologist`s interview to Rediff:

It is not true that an average Muslim wants room to survive. There is less discrimination on an average Muslim. There has always been opposition to radical Muslim ideas and that has consistently been mistaken to be anti-minority stance. (Similillar views from minority is mistaken to be anti-majority stance!)

What worries is the inability of Muslim society to control intolerance, distinguish between reformist aspirations and oppression and avoiding indirect support to radicals. There is a minority in minorities that indirectly represent hidden passions of the majority in minority. It is with this group that the majority is scared. It is not a hidden fact that they would not survive if their own people are determined to eradicate them.

The author’s claims are far from reality. When Imam of Delhi Mosque the religious head of Muslims can proclaim that "Insha Allah we will rule India again", there is reason for Hindus in India to be worried about. Political or otherwise, concern is a concern. When it comes to rights, I do not think Indians want to be ruled by religions, most of which are inherently undemocratic. The reverse-bias in deploring unacceptable aspects of minorities still continues. It is the time when we should call a spade, spade and try to resolve problems reasonably. One can not arrive at a solution without understanding the reality and showing a remarkable willingness to accept it.