The Origin of Spices!

{I bet I got the spelling right| (This is what I am going to use instead of fulstop today)}
Some words inspire me to write| I usually write the heading first and then think about it| Thus origin of my thoughts is in some word or phrase, most of the time| Anyway, it is a nice way to start thinking about something|

If you have a difficulty in thinking, pick a word and start thinking about everything it relates to| Do you remember that essay on cow/coconut tree? Oh ya.. a gal(!) was supposed write an essay on coconut tree| She did not find anything interesting to write| So she started, "A cow was tied to a coconut tree" then wrote an essay on Cow! Something like that|

Writing some nonsense and giving it an unrelated heading is a modern art| Like all the modern arts, you can do anything and then call it an abstraction| Thus this type of writing with no central theme with an unrelated heading is new form of art| I call this , "Cardinal Context Contrast"| Cardinal in a sense that there is no order or central idea in writing| Context Contrast is brought by the heading that sets a context and the body that contrasts the context set by the heading|

I wish you a great day on Mahathma's jayanti| He did not die from bullets but from our own bullshits| Yours too|



  1. U did a gr8 job. And succeeded in achieving what u wanted to through this post. There was everything cow, coconut n Gandhi too.

  2. Hilarious. Spicy concoction of cardinal coconut and the mahatma oggarne! Point well demonstrated.


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