Ardha Matre (Half/Off Beat)

Punjabi Theka or Sitarkhani is a variation in Teen tala which is a 16 (matre) beat tala with 4,4,4,4 division. Or so I learnt! I looked at its theka. Unbelievable!

It is infact the off beat variation that I tried a few days ago. Instaed hitting 3r and 4th beats in the division, a single stroke on the tabla in between these beats creats an enjoyable variation.
Now I know this is called a Punjabi theaka!
My experinence is that this variation is not appropriate for entire performance. However is a good thing to try as a variation for improvisation.

My grand father used to tell me, "That Mrudanga player uses a lot of Ardha Matre Pettu (Off beat strokes), that confuses singer!". I have known where singers and drummers had tussel over off beat strokes... good thing to stay away from.



  1. Ardha matre is an offbeat concept in the West. Earlier today, my labmate was 'astonished' that I take ardha matre of pain killer when pain is too much versus kaal-matre when I just need some relief. She confessed to not having thought of ardha matre concept at all. Welcome to all-or-none america! Okays..if this comment is bullshit it is the influence of your previous post! hehe!

  2. This is hilarious! They probably have defnition by mg! I will have whole lota stuff to say about ammerricca. Wow my post is influential ahaan..!


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