Other's Decisions

This is a serious thing, I am talking about. This is not the context contrast!

We have to make decision at every step of our life. Well, such a stupid thing, everyone knows this! There is something only a few know about decision making: not deciding for others! That is, not taking other's decision for granted. Give it a try, let the guy who is supposed to take a decision based on your job take that decision.

Let us analyse an anecdote. My uncle was visiting Bengalooru. His guest house was close to Richmond Circle. I wanted to visit him, one evening. He was scheduled to go back to Hyderabad next day. When my uncle called me, I was in my office in Diamond District, Domalur, around 6 km from where he was staying. He asked me if I can pick few passport sized photographs from a photo studio near Hudson Circle, a few km farther. He said studio closes by 7 pm. Work on that day took more time than expected and I was hurrying down the Airport Road at 7 pm. It will take me an hour to reach the studio. My uncle had told me that it was really important that I pick up the photos. He needed them next morning.

I had to make a decision: weather to go to studio or not. I recalled my father's advice: "whenever you are not sure of the out come or even know that you will fail, give a try if it does not cost you much". I would have decided that the shop will be closed by the time I go and I should instead head to my uncle's place with a "reason" for not bringing the photo. When to close the shop is not my decision! It is the decision of the owner! Isn’t it? I decided to go. At 8 pm an hour late, I reached the studio. The owner of the studio was standing outside stretching his hands to down the shutters. I ran to him asking to give me photos and told him that it was important. He said I close my shop by 7 pm, but I had some work today. He gave me the photos. I went to my uncle like a nice organised gentleman! Then I had something talk about that evening. I let the owner of the studio make decision, going by my father's words: "what is your problem! Do not take others decision! Let them take the decision. Do your job.” There are different ways to look at it and I should have been more organised. Then that is precisely the point: this perspective helps.

I can give thousand examples. We hear people say, "It is not going to happen", "They are going to turn it down", "He may not like it", "It seems they do not let you in without appointment", "My friend tells me they do not allow such things" "my colleague told me that it can not be done now". Do not listen if your friend tells you not to try. We have thousands coming and telling us not to try. They are all making a decision for you! Well we should ask them to help themselves from their confusion and take our decision. If we are not interested, if we are not energetic, we might not participate, but that should not stop us from saying, "give it a try!". That makes a huge difference. We have to be unreasonable sometimes to get new things done. This decision thing really gives us an excuse to be unreasonable!