Are woman more honest?

Are they less susceptible to corruption? Are they ... anyway before all those questions; are they different?

They are different. Experiments in psychology have shown that they are different emotionally, in ability to perform different tasks[1]. To put them briefly; men have better spatial cognition (I mean they are better in driving) women have superior language abilities. Men are verbally impatient, women empathize more. (Put simply men suffer from mild autism :) ) [2]. More women suffer depression. More men have had extra marital affair [3].

Now some anecdotes. Umamahadevi was an Asistant Commisioner of Sagara Revenue Division, Karnataka, India in 1995. She oversaw the destruction of the fence of the land grabbed by the then Member of Parliment K G Shivappa near Sagara. Secured the land to the custody revenue department. I had seen her speak in Kannada which she learnt after coming there in very short time. She said I do not speak proper Kannada in an independent day speach then spoke in Kannada better than some other guys without a single mistake!

Kiran Bedi has decided to quit/retire from police service [4]. This made me think about women in responsible positions. Women involve emotionally and hence, according to me, are more likely to respond with responsibilty. They take unreasonable but right decisions. Kiran Bedi towed Indira Gandhi`s car for parking illegally. She saw Jails to be places for transformation rather than a place of punishment. Mayavati kicked the ass of the Reliance Industrie`s retail plans.

There are currupt women (Jayalalita,Mamta?) , but women appear more responsible. I have choosen convenient examples. The bad thing is they can hate you more than men ever can.

The point is Kiran Bedi should have been there to kick the ass of the politicians!