Classification of farts

Recent post on my blog read "Modern Fart" (for those of you who want to smell it is here). FART then meant Fine Art! Now I am talking about the real fart-the smells like hell one (these bloggers can stoop to any level ).

Farts are classified based on their sound and intensity of smell. Yes it is not my fault they just exist. I have grown up witnessing its validity! It works folks I do not know why (atleast for me). It sounds like a Sanskrit poem but I have serious doubts. Sounds more like some smart ass (hick from the hills?) cooked it up.

Darra Burreh bhayo naasti
Kunvya PinvyE madhya pakshaha
TissaakaarE mahaaghorE
Nishabdham pranasankatam.

If fart sounds Darrr or Burrr one need not be scared, if it sounds Kunvya or Pinvya then it is a bit smelly, if it sounds tissssssssh then it is intolerable and if you hear no sound when some one farts the smell puts your life in danger.

Do not laugh! You will agree with me if you statr observing farts. Next time you fart you will be a subject in your own experment. We should appriciate both; natures method of letting us release pressure and some ingenious persons discovery of one of the most complicated mathematical relation between smell and sounds! When the ass speaks it means a lot :) doesn`t it? Ask your nose!never use the word "dumb ass"

smart ass